Hi y'all, Macy here! 
Your resident chicken
lady behind the camera.

​Just a few facts about me: 

  •  I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Cody. He is my biggest cheerleader & chances are he will tag along for your session.

  • My enneagram is a 7w8 & it shows! Extrovert, optimistic & spontaneous are the definition of Macy. 

  • If you can't tell, I am FO SHO a crazy chicken lady. I started poultry judging through FFA my freshman year of high school & from there it led to a love of a feathered flock! 

  • My home is full of stunning sunsets, prickly plants, the kindest people & wide open spaces. If you guessed west Texas then you're right! 

  •  I’m a Tarleton State Alum! HEY OSCAR P! My concentration was in agricultural communications, where I found a passion for my camera in agriculture photography.

  • I live for the outdoors! From hunting & fishing to hiking & biking to spending quality time with my fur babies if it's outside I'm game! This means for your session I'm down if we are headed to the blind or the ranch!  

  • Chips & salsa deserve their own food group. Nothing beats a lil Mexican food after a session!

“Pictures don’t grow up, pictures never change,
They’re frozen forever in the moments they were made,
They don’t fall out of love, they don’t change their minds
They won’t ever get sick & leave hurting’ hearts behind
They say there ain’t no stopping the hands of time
That ain’t true, that’s what pictures do” 

Josh Grider 


"Pictures Do” by Josh Grider is one of my all-time favorite songs for many reasons. It tugs at your heartstrings & as a photographer, it hits so close to home. It gives every reason whyI love what I do.

    I lost my Uncle Garrett in 2018 when he was only 26. Garrett was full of life, with an infectious laugh, & made sure to live life to the fullest EVERY DAY. Coming from a tight-knit family my memories are filled with holidays, birthdays, & spontaneous Sunday dinners together. My mom or grandpa HAD to have their camera out & take pictures of all of us together. Some days I got tired of being forced to say cheese or hug each other, but today I am so thankful for these pictures. 


  Pictures bring memories & feeling back to life & can make the world feel like you’re going back in time for just a moment. This is why I love what I do, & why I don’t call this a job. This is my passion. Photography is a way for me to 

capture your families memories, those big time events you 

always want to remember, & the little moments with your kiddos before they grow up. 

DSC_9759 copy 2.jpg
my hubs, Cody & I
photo credit to the incredible Shelby Cole Images.  

fur & feather babies


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